Sunday, March 16, 2008

True Colours

Wow! That was some serious hair and make-up. My locks haven’t faced a crimping iron since the 1980s and as for the blue eye shadow and red lips… well let’s just say my true colours were definitely on full display.

Quite appropriate considering the song was certainly my toughest yet. It was a big turn around from the week before and my nerves came flowing back at full steam ahead, especially in those opening seconds. Channelling your nervous energy into a dance number is much easier than a slow and still song. And boy did I feel it!

But we lived to sing another week – phew! And I am so excited about pulling out the dance moves again. Disco will no doubt be one of my favourite genres and wait until you hear Adam – he has some serious low notes coming up (even for him!)

I have had so many songs swirling in my head the past few months so this week will be a welcome break before we return to the stage on Tuesday 25 March.

And now that summer has finally decided to make an appearance in Sydney… the beach is looking very nice indeed this weekend! Have a great Easter and see you for a little Disco fever soon.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

All Shook Up

I turned a corner last Tuesday night. For the first time I felt totally relaxed. My hands weren’t shaking. Gone were the nerves.

And I owe it all to the King - nothing like a little Elvis to loosen things up.

The entire performance felt so natural. I didn’t have to think about the moves or the words. And when my two minutes was up I didn’t want to leave the stage.

As a hunk a hunk a burning love came to an end all I could think about was dancing up a storm in that gorgeous swing skirt – all seven layers of it!

The fun started at our Sunday dance session as Adam and I attempted to shake, rattle, and roll our way through Burning Love.

Our choreographer Alana had already worked out quite a few moves, but it was certainly a work in progress and even Adam’s lovely Mum contributed a step or two.

On Monday we threw in a few extra hours of practice to make sure we were ready for our first stage run through.

During this time we usually trial our costumes and the first thing I noticed was my sliding pair of stiletto heels. Within minutes the wardrobe department was onto it - whipping the shoes off to be gripped.

They do an incredible job of putting our outfits together each week – creating a variety of looks within a specific genre while also considering things like dance moves and where the mic pack will fit.

By the time we took to the stage on Tuesday night I felt totally prepared. Adam and I knew it could very well be our last dance and keeping that in mind (rather than worrying about the song or moves) certainly helped me to relax. I managed to do exactly what I had hoped – let loose on the stage and simply have fun.

Our next song presents quite a few new challenges because once again it is a totally different style and pace. So far we’ve covered swing, rock, country, rock `n’ roll and now 80s Gold!

In terms of our song choices we are always one week ahead. By Tuesday each couple has already selected and workshopped the next song (despite the fact one singing duo will be leaving that night).

We choose four songs within each genre, but the final decision is out of our hands. It depends on the mix of music (fast or slow), what each couple performed the week prior, the level of difficulty, and whether the song will suit our voices while also revealing something new.

So much thought and consideration goes into every show and as you could imagine there are many people working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a slick production.

Each week I look forward to working with such a great cast and crew and it’s sad to think it could all be over in a flash. But in the meantime I’m making the most of it. Bring on the blue eye shadow and shoulder pads!